review: Lord and Master by Kait Jagger

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This is such a lovely book – smart, sexy, atmospheric, detailed and with a heroine who actually has *bottle*, imagine that. When he tells her what to do, she throws it right back at him. Without simpering or tripping over her own feet or lamenting at having a rich, sexy-as-fuck guy after her. All the tired tropes of these kinds of books are beneath Kait Jagger, and for that I’m thrilled.

I especially love Jagger’s sense of place, which is especially evident when the main characters spend a short sojourn in Florida. Everything from the mangrove trees, to the swampy water, the crystalline sand, cheap n’ tacky restaurants and the club scene – it’s so accurate. She’s as much at home there as she is in the chilly remains of the British upperclass. It’s a specific talent, and she uses it so well – I felt like I was present with Luna at every twist of the tale.

Everything was well developed, from the anterior characters to the slow burning love story between Luna and Stefan. Highly recommended, and I can’t wait for the sequel.


5 thoughts on “review: Lord and Master by Kait Jagger

      1. Kait Jagger

        I loved your review too! Especially the bit about my lead character having ‘bottle’–this is definitely something you’ll be seeing more of in Book 2, Her Master’s Servant. I’m planning to make review downloads available on NetGalley later this week (it won’t actually be published on Amazon till January). I’m using a PR company to handle the NetGalley run and would like to give them your name as one to automatically approve for download. If you’re able to tell me exactly how your name/publication appear on NetGalley, I’ll add you to the list I’m sending them.

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      2. Jen

        Hi Kait, that is exciting news! I would be thrilled to read / review the sequel. Luna is addictive – I just adore her. Thank goodness for feisty, intelligent heroines! Please let your publisher know that my netgalley email is – should work fine. 🙂 Thanks again – you really have so much talent, so glad you’ve continued writing.


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