review: Legal Affairs Boxed Set by Sawyer Bennett



So, I cut my pinkie finger open while reading this set.

I was trying to get ice out of the tray to make my 2nd G&T, and bam, the cocktail knife thingie attached to the cocktail mixer thingie (technical term) bounced back and nearly sliced off my finger. It did not feel good.

Note: don’t attempt to get ice out with a knife. Even if it is for icy gin. You will nearly decapitate your digits, resulting in blood everywhere, a curious puppy, and your husband being all, “Jesus Christ, WTF happened in here?”

Anyway. There’s that. I still finished this set of novellas in one go.

Matt Connover is like, “Fuck you bitch, I don’t do commitment.”

And I’m like


So I understand Mac, I do. At the same time, I feel like perhaps she could have benefited from locking herself in a room and listening to Selena Gomez on repeat.

If anyone can help you, it’s someone who had to get over The Biebs, am I right? For one thing, the SHAME of having let that person into your life, it must be enough to make a girl write a few songs bemoaning her own idiocy


I’m just playin’ Selena, I’ve had my fair share of guys I’d like to forget. And guys I wish I’d never even set eyes on because oh now, the horror and revulsion…. I feel you.

And Mac, I feel you.

But honey. You need to get some more ovaries, because Matt deserved to be kicked to the curb long before he did actually get his ass handed to him. Regardless, I enjoyed this set. Yes, it did have the whiff of novella=money=hungriness but still, it was highly entertaining and I love Sawyer Bennett’s scorching writing.



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