review: Her Master’s Servant by Kait Jagger

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Thank you to NetGalley, Smith Publicity and Kait Jagger for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate it!

Oh, was I ever excited about this one.

It did not disappoint.

The so-called New Adult genre is rife with cliche. Girls who can’t take one step without falling over. Billionaire boyfriends who date only stuck-up horrid bitches until they meet the heroine. Following that, bitchy heroines without one redeeming quality – yet EVERYONE LOVES THEM.

Then, along comes Kait Jagger, and the genre gets a breath of fresh air that just won’t quit. To be quite honest, Stellaluna Gregory is my book girlfriend, and I’d like to fight Stefan for her, because that is one damn fine lady, with smarts, integrity and a joyful sexual appetite that reminds me of Claire Fraser from the Outlander series. Luna is unabashed by her own desire. Of course, certain things they do may confuse her, or make her question her own feelings, but she doesn’t feel ashamed by her needs or wants. She embraces them and explores them.

I said once that Luna has *bottle* and I stand by that. How wonderful to meet a heroine who is brave. Who can sometimes be shy. Who manages her own problems with intelligence and a fiery spirit. Who loves her friends so wildly and perfectly. Who owns up to her errors and acts with compassion and grace. Who isn’t defined by who she is sleeping with.

Seriously, that’s rare.

This is the follow-up to Lord and Master and it’s a seriously satisfying affair. Luna has fled to the Shetland islands, betrayed by the Marchioness and by Stefan. Her own isolation and her teeming emotions are mirrored by the desolate and wild landscape, the smell of salt in the air, the animals roaming, the lunar treeless land threatening to keep her mired in her own sadness forever. A chance meeting with Stefan upends Luna’s lonely existence, as he shows her just how predatory – and delicious – he can be. This one night of passion is absolutely delectable, and I admit I enjoyed this angry and wronged Stefan. I pretty much enjoy Stefan any way I can get him though, let’s be real.

As Stefan and Luna attempt to try again, outside forces test their love to its breaking point… can they survive? And what of their need to punish each other… and themselves? Is this spinning out of control? Do they even care?

Kait Jagger is really a talented author, and her sense of place is back once again, putting the reader perfectly wherever they happen to be – from Luna’s freezing cottage on the Shetland islands, to the splendor of Arborage, or Stefan’s glittering apartment in the city.

She is also immensely good at sex scenes. Not only does the sex feel *real* – not once does Stefan utter the words “Come for me” and she does at the drop of a hat (pet peeve) – but it also feels like these are two people who keep growing and learning from their experiences with each other.

In short, they know how to turn each other on, and they keep discovering each other’s likes and dislikes, their bodies and their desires. It’s intoxicating. It’s wonderful how Luna doesn’t orgasm just from penetration (please other authors, can we stop this fictionalization of the female sexual experience?), that Stefan works to make her come, that she does the same for him… seriously, I’ve never read a book before where the guy actually realizes – oh hey, you actually didn’t have an orgasm just now. Let me rectify that. Until this one. Oh Kait Jagger, how I love your writing so.

The more adventurous moments between them are also welcomed. I won’t elaborate. Just to say I liked it and more please!

All in all, lovely, sexy, intelligent and gorgeously written sequel. I could read about Luna and Stefan forever.

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