Book Review: The Girl in The Ice by Robert Bryndza



Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. Much appreciated as always!

So, I started to write this review last night and got completely sidetracked by The Golden Globes.

My faves from Outlander didn’t win (boooo) but at least Leonardo DiCaprio picked up a well deserved prize (and standing O!) for his performance in The Revenant. Leo has been my celebrity bf since I was thirteen, so I have boundless affection for him and couldn’t string a sentence together after watching… much less write a coherent review for what is actually a very, very good book!

The Girl in The Ice introduces DCI Erika Foster, a lonely, damaged, grieving young woman who is trying to get back to work after the violent death of her husband. She’s assigned to a case far from home, in the brutal streets of London, where a young socialite has been found dead – encased in ice and murdered in a savage fashion. Worse, she’s the daughter of a prominent politician, so the heat is on to not only find the killer, but also to ensure the girl’s reputation stays intact.

It’s an interesting set-up and it only gets better. I wasn’t expecting to love this mystery as much as I did. I’m quite picky with my thrillers – preferring Val McDermid style rawness, and this completely did it for me. Not only is Erika Foster a compelling character (she reminds me a bit of Helen Grace from M.J. Arlidge’s series) but the twists and turns of the mystery itself managed to utterly surprise me. I had ZERO idea who the murderer was. I mean, I thought I knew, but I was way, way off and bravo for that!

Not to mention, it didn’t feel like a surprise for surprise’s sake, a la many of the books released after Gone Girl. Instead, it felt like taking an immensely satisfying and intriguing journey toward the truth. It never felt fake or unearned. I love when thriller writers smack you across the face with a denouement that you can then go back and say YES YES I see how we got here! It’s magical.

Congratulations to Robert Bryndza for this strong debut. I’m looking forward to reading much, much more from him and getting to know DCI Erika Foster as she begins this ‘new normal’ chapter of her life.

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