book review: Modern Girl’s Guide to Friends with Benefits by Gina Drayer



Thank you to NetGalley and Victory Editing for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate it!

Charming. Groundbreaking? No. But this book was a light, fun read.

“Best friends” since high school (I put this in brackets because in no way do these two really seem like best friends), Megan and Peter have kept it platonic for the most part. Thrown together in a cabin while on a ski trip in Vail, they take things to the next level – or, really, Megan decides to take things to the next level and climbs all over Peter’s protestations like a creep. (Seriously, if a guy did this, it would not be cool).

Despite the slightly weird beginning, soon they’re off to a sizzling start, banging all over the place and having phone sex. As in all romances, feeeeeelings threaten to ruin everything. As does Meg’s overbearing and irritating family and Peter’s cluelessness about women.

The good? Meg and Peter do have some pretty nice sex scenes, and for the most part, they do seem to care about each other. Meg’s dog Benny is irrepressibly cute and I just wanted to read about him wiggling all over the place like a furry bunny! Meg’s response to a certain amount of slut shaming that goes on later in the book is badass and made me like her much more than I did in the beginning.

The not-so-good? Meg has a whiff of brat about her, especially in her interactions with her friends in the opening pages. There is also quite a bit of cliche in this book, and the ‘modern girl’ stuff is beyond annoying… I skipped all of them after the first one.

All in all though, this is a fun book and it really doesn’t claim to be anything else. Recommended for anyone who likes their New Adult romance with a dose of humour and a strong female character.


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