review: It Takes One by Kate Kessler



Thank you to Redhook Books and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate it!




Can you tell how I felt about this book?

This was just… juicy. Not only was it legit creepy, but the romance was toe curlingly sexy and sweet and the main character was actually pretty cool. Like, I could picture myself enjoying her company. Weird, right?

It Takes One by Kate Kessler is about Audrey Harte, a psychologist returning home after almost a decade away. You see, when Audrey was thirteen, she and her best friend Maggie killed Maggie’s abusive father. He deserved it, and the two girls also deserve a medal… however, as it goes in small towns, neither were very popular after that and their friendship withered and died.

When Audrey returns, she runs straight into her old crush Jake, and a very inebriated Maggie. After she and her former best friend get in a slight tussle, Audrey’s convinced things can’t get any worse.

Oh, but they can, poppet. They can. Maggie is murdered, and all suspicion falls on Audrey. Because, why not right? It’s as if people think she’s a psycho just for dispatching a violent rapist.


Most of the book deals with the psychological ramifications of Maggie’s murder, the events of the past, Audrey’s struggles with her family and home town, and the race to find out who killed Maggie, and why.

Gritty, raw and intimate, It Takes One is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys dark and engrossing mysteries.





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