(Harlequin Romance) book review: Betrayal in Bali by Sally Wentworth


Note, sometimes I like to go back and read old school Harlequins, okay. If that’s not your particular brand of gin, don’t fuss. I also write “regular” book reviews. 

This is a perfect old-school Harlequin by Sally Wentworth! I always really like her books.

Like revenge porn, basically.


The ‘hero’ thinks the heroine was responsible for [the death of his fiance in a drunken car wreck.


So of course, he ignores the decision of the court and takes it upon himself to ‘punish’ her suitably. Namely, by trapping her in Bali in a sham marriage and making her life Hell, including threatening her with physical violence.

As the novel progresses, he falls in love with her, natch. She’s pretty pissed with him and doesn’t really warm up until the jumbled, confusing ending. When he finally finds out the truth, it’s pretty anti-climatic.

All in all though, a solid Harlequin and I love everything Sally Wentworth does. It’s no Judas Kiss, but what is? 😉


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