(Harlequin Romance) book review: Green Lightning by Anne Mather


Note, sometimes I like to go back and read old school Harlequins, okay. If that’s not your particular brand of gin, don’t fuss. I also write “regular” book reviews. 

This is a great book, albeit completely wrong on so many levels, given the heroine is approx seventeen, and the hero is approx forty. Not to mention he’s been raising her since she was a kid. So, let’s get that out of the way.

Helen is a willful, spoiled orphan, living with her ‘Uncle Heath’ (actually no relation, which Mather goes to great pains to point out during the course of the novel – no small wonder, because gross).

Heath employs ‘Angela Patterson’ to look after Helen and teach her how to wear clothes well, do her hair, act in society, be ‘proper’, etc. Of course, it turns out, Angela has her sights set on Heath and wants to be his ladywife. Helen is like, um, no bitch and thwarts the ice queen at every turn.

As the book progresses, it becomes clear that Helen is hopelessly in love with Heath, and Heath is obviously attracted to her — as much as he knows it’s a felony.

Regardless, the writing is awesome and Helen is likeable and spunky. Much as I wanted her to meet someone her own age, I’m sure she’ll grow out of her love for “Uncle Heath” when she sends him to the nursing home… next year.


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